Lubesnake AS was established in 2016 in Steinkjer, Norway to manufacture and distribute LUBESNAKE®, the new way to grease the fifth wheel of a semi trailer.  

Owner and CEO Tore Jenssen has been a truck enthusiast and has driven many miles in many different types of trucks. More than once, he himself has experienced and become frustrated with all the heavy, dirty and above all unnecessary tasks that come with the job as a truck driver.

Especially the greasing of semi-truck coupling he found to be unnecessarily cumbersome and time consuming. The work often stains clothes and shoes with grease. This grease doesn't only destroy the clothes and shoes, even the cabin will be contaminated with grease if the driver has grease stains on his clothes when he enter the driver's seat. 

This is the background for the innovation process inventor and entrepreneur Tore Jenssen started with the ultimate goal to find a easier and, above all, cleaner way to grease the fifth wheel. After some time with trial and error he came up with LUBESNAKE®, a product that are patented and pending patent in Norway and a large number of other countries. 

The rest is history. In Steinkjer, Norway, Lubesnake is now manufactured for a growing market in the Nordic countries, Europe and ultimately the entire world.