About the product

LUBESNAKE® is a lubrication revolution!


LUBESNAKE® is adapted to fit on your fifth wheel coupling and is filled with the exact correct amount of grease suited for the task of lubricating your coupling. With its hose-like design with a dry surface consisting of a bio-degradebale outer shell, the applying of grease to your fifth wheel coupling is as clean and easy as it gets. The easy application is a major time saver for the truck driver and you never have to wonder if you applied a correct amount of grease. 

Your fifth wheel needs to be lubricated about every 5000 km, i.e. with a 5-15 days interval, depending on the mileage and how winding the road is.

Everyone with experience of driving a semi-truck know how dirty and invconvenient the job can be. You pick your bucket or tube with grease together with you applying tool. On your climb up to the board you have watch out for the excess grease from earlier applications before you stand beside the coupling. Then you try your best to grease your fifth wheel while you try to keep both the new and the old grease from your gloves, clothes and shoes. 

Many drivers toss their grease-stained gloves after lubricating the fifth wheel. With LUBESNAKE® you don't even have to use gloves. You just climb up, place yourself in front of the coupling and open the package and grab one end in each hand. Place the middle of the LUBESNAKE® in the front part of the grease track and lay one end on each side of the coupling. 

When backing the truck towards the trailer you should maintain a good clearing between the truck and the trailer to avoid pushing LUBESNAKE® off the coupling. Back up as close as possible to kingpin before lifting the truck. When the couplings meet, LUBESNAKE® cracks and Voila! the coupling plates is greased. Usually with 10 minitutes to spare compared to the old method. 

LUBESNAKE® significantly simplify the task and by that greatly increasing the probability that the weekly lubrication is actually done. Your benefits are, besides saving the money for new gloves, a reduced wear and tear of the coupling, and increased traffic safety. 

Failure to greasae the fifth wheel coupling can cause major wear in the coupling (see pictures below) In a worst case scenario you risk that the coupling plates locks with each other with an unstable truck as a dangerous result. If the road is icy and/or slippery there is a real risk that the your semi trailer go straight ahead in a curve. 

LUBESNAKE® is a registered trademark. The product is patenteted/patent pending. Owner reserves the right to prosecute and claim compensation for any improper production, marketing, sale or other use of the product and its trademark.